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We are excited to offer you a professional business assessment for free.
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We carry on 23 years plus of business experience and certified knowledge delivering services and solutions to large corporations and small & medium enterprises (SME).

We help companies to grow vertically, by increasing their profits and slashing down their costs through effective restructuring services and business process automation solutions, and horizontally, by analysing competition and researching potential markets & new segments.


Our own resources, as well as, our partners' professional resources engaged in missions for customers in many regions around the world; Middle East, Far-East, North America & Europe.

We delivered services and solutions to companies operating in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, Canada and United Kingdom.


Conforming with highest standards of business ethics is our top priority. Our core values are truly reflected in all our engagements, delivered solutions & offered services.

Our core values are;
♦ Integrity – we maintain zero tolerance for corruption.
♦ Transparency – there is no hidden costs in our charges.
♦ Simplicity – we only consider big names if they are extremely required.
♦ Innovation – every business is unique, likewise, our solutions & services.



Regardless of your business size or your industry, we help you automate your strategic processes, core functions and day-to-day activities with world class open source solutions and based on SaaS (Software as a Service) operational model. Find out More


Nevertheless, of your expansion plan we shall deliver and End-To-End market research & competition analysis for your new target segments or new market penetration. We already have handson experience in UK & Egyptian markets.


Your business may grow but how do you keep up with the surge in your capital (CAPEX) & operational (OPEX) expenditures? We deliver the right solution for the challenging equation by implementing the best practices in business strategic analysis, business process management (BPM) and cost optimization techniques utilizing our project, program, contract amd quality management hands-on experience.


Project 1 - UAE

Telecom Managed Services

Developed a detailed proposal with estimated project plan and budget for a managed services contract covering L1, L2 & field services tendered by a telecom mobile operator in United Arab Emirates.

Project 3 - KSA

ISO 9001:2015

Designed business processes of enterprise customers business unit for a mobile operator in Saudi Arabia covering marketing, sales and business operation functions and qualified them for ISO certification.

Project 2 - Nigeria

Cost Optimization

Designed and implemented approaches for optimizing Telecom services corporate expenditures [$2.3M capital expenditures savings and $450K annual operational expenditures savings] in Nigeria.

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Business Consultation

Performed enterprise strategic analysis and developed a business transformation plan for marketing, sales and operational activities for a British company operating from India [estimated annual savings £218,352.


ESP Management Dictionary

Online Dictionary

An extensive collection of management terms that were collected from authentic sources to help researchers and specialists in management sciences to easily find the right description with a simple online search tool. Click here to give a try to - EMD

ESP Management Concepts

Management Concepts

Over the last two decades, we gained a lot of experiences and built up our knowledge in different management sciences. Therefore, we decided to share some of our concepts that may guide the specialists and practitioners in management sciences. Find out More

ESP Market Research

Market Research

A critical enabler for effective planning is the accurate assessment of the target market dynamics and its continuous evolution. Find out More



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